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This Program is a 4 Month Vertical Jump Transformation Program! In Highschool I was an above average athlete who tore his Acl, Hamstring, and Achilles. After these injuries I went to every coach, tried every program & nobody could truly help me become more faster or bouncy at all. I was looking for answers to  but nobody was able to help me without charging me 200$ an hour.

Covid ended my school year & hit me hard,  so I got a great chance to study the science of becoming athletic. I then made my own program to make myself the best athlete I have ever been.  After a year I made crazy gains in speed, vertical and change of direction. At the same time I made an instagram to teach everyone the science of becoming athletic that i was studying and testing for myself.

Then I got blessed to help over 300+ Athletes on my last program make crazy athletic transformations. Since then I got noticed by some of the biggest trainers from the NFL, NBA, and more. So I began to study more science and try to truly make the best science based program for vertical jump and speed. Now my goal is to give that knowledge to more and help as many athletes as possible become explosive freaks.