Transform Your Sprint Speed, Acceleration , and Explosiveness In 4 Months

Improve Vertical Jump & Bounce, Get Rid of Knee Pain & Shin Splints.

A Science Based System To Fufill Your Athletic Potential

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What You Will Get:

  • 16 Weeks Of Progressive Training To Develop Your Sprint Speed Ability
  • Progressed Plyometric Work to Develop and Sprint Power & Explosiveness
  • 3-4 Training Days Per Week
  • Recovery Training If Needed to Reduce Shin Splints & Nagging Injuries
  • 30-45 min sessions
  • Adjustable Volume to meet you at your athletic level
  • Programming done for you right at your phone in the next 5 mins

JustJumari's Programs has helped over 300 athletes transform their speed and explosiveness in 2022!

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Look Inside the Program

Just Sprint is a program for any athlete that is looking to improve speed, Change of Direction, quickness, and Explosiveness. This Program is 16 weeks long that does utilize the weight room , but that is not required. For Athletes only looking for the speed portion, you can add the sprint days to your current lifting plan or situation. The program has video demonstrations, plyometrics, force and power development, speed drills and mechanics guide, foot and knee stability, shin and knee solutions, and much more.

Equipment Needed

Is a Proven Science Based System created to take athlete from Non Athletic/Average to An Explosive Freak

Phase 1: Explosiveness Foundation

This Phase Is about getting your body used to training like a real athlete. There will be a big emphasis and general Explosiveness and Injury Prevention, this will set you up to make crazy gains later!

Phase 2: Force Absorbing Machine

This is usually one of the keys that everyone is missing in their training. Your body can produce the force if it can accept the energy! This phase could be the missing link to your crazy Speed Transformations!

Phase 3: Force Producing Machine

This is where you really become elite. Everyone has that “Strength Phase” in a program and end up getting slower. Its because you guys are all doing it wrong! This phase will teach you true power, the explosive kind…

Phase 4: Peaking Explosiveness

This is where everything comes together. I will put your body through a professional peaking phase, your body is going to fully peak out & when you look back at it all, you will officially completed a full Vertical Jump Transformation.

You’ll will experience a Jumping Transformation you never thought was possible…

In this Program You Will Get…

4 Months Of Sprint Training

Science Based Programming and Progressions

– Foot Training Guide

– In Season Guide

– Fat Loss Program

– Patella Tendonitis Guide

-Nutrition Guide 

– How To Actually Get Faster Guide

– Weaknesses Guide

– Many More in Depth Guides!

Lifetime Access to the Program!

Hey, I'm Justin

In Highschool I was an above average athlete who tore his Acl, Hamstring, and Achilles. After these injuries I went to every coach, tried every program & nobody could truly help me become more faster or bouncy at all. I was looking for answers to  but nobody was able to help me without charging me 200$ an hour.

Covid ended my school year & hit me hard,  so I got a great chance to study the science of becoming athletic. I then made my own program to make myself the best athlete I have ever been.  After a year I made crazy gains in speed, vertical and change of direction. At the same time I made an instagram to teach everyone the science of becoming athletic that i was studying and testing for myself.

Then I got blessed to help over 300+ Athletes on my last program JustJump, make crazy athletic transformations. Since then I got noticed by some of the biggest trainers from the NFL, NBA, and more. So I began to study more science and try to truly make the best science based program for vertical jump and speed. Now my goal is to give that knowledge to more and help as many athletes as possible become explosive freaks.