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The JustJump 12 Week Vertical Jump Transformation Program!

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This 4 Month Vertical Jump Transformation Program is ALL you need to build your 40 inch vertical! 

You are going to instant access to an entire 4 month program that is scientifically programmed to help you develop your vertical jump for you (Worth $300)
Program Includes:
1. 4 Months of Scientific Based Programming for Vertical Jump
2. Video Demonstrations for Every Exercise
3. Fully Programmed Bodyweight and Weights Program
4. 10 Extra Guides ( Nutrition Guide, Upper Body Guide, Ankle Guide, Knee Pain Guide, etc.)
5. 3 Workouts a Week
6. A Discord link and my Email For Frequently Asked Questions
7. 3 Extra Programs!
You will no longer need to watch confusing videos & articles on Instagram and Youtube.
You are going to have one place where you get all of your gains from – giving you a straightforward roadmap to build a real 40 inch vertical!

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